Ghana Agricultural News Digest – October 12, 2015

Below are some current developments on agriculture in Africa: Agricultural Issues John Deere, Yara Ghana Demonstrates Successful Farm Mechanisation John Deere and Yara Ghana Limited (YGL), have demonstrated to farmers and agribusiness students a successful results of using farm mechanisation and the right chemicals to plant and harvest crops. The demonstration exercise which was held >> Read more

Agricultural Mechanization and South-South Cooperation – Workshop Synopsis

The Asian experience with agricultural mechanization has been market with major successes over the past four decades. Farm mechanization has recently emerged in Africa south of the Sahara (SSA) despite limited experiences in the past. Exchanging different regional experiences on how mechanization has evolved, especially in Asian countries, can help identify alternative approaches and design >> Read more

MoFA Program Evaluations

Four programs implemented by MoFA (AMSEC, fertilizer subsidies, block farms, and NAFCO) account for the bulk of the Ministry’s expenditures.  Upon recommendation from the Joint Sector Review, the Ministry asked a team of researchers from IFPRI, GIMPA, and Smartteam to carry out an assessment of these 4 initiatives to guide government policy and improve their >> Read more

Last Week in Accra

We have been assessing the effectiveness of four of MoFA’s programs that account for the bulk of its annual expenditures: fertilizer subsidy, block farming, national buffer stock and the establishment of mechanization centers (AMSEC). The assessments are being undertaken in collaboration with two local consulting firms: GIMPA Consulting Services (on fertilizer subsidy, block farming and >> Read more

Cropping Practices and Labor Requirements in Field Operations for Major Crops in Ghana

The Ghana Strategy Support Program has released a new working paper that examines the labor requirements associated with different cropping systems in Ghana in order to guide the prioritization of investments in mechanization in the country. In response to apparent unavailability and cost of labor, farmers are increasingly demanding mechanical traction for land preparation in >> Read more