Medium and Large-scale farmers and Agricultural Mechanization in Ghana: Survey Results

IFPRI-GSSP, in collaboration with the Savannah Agricultural research Institute (SARI), designed a survey targeting medium and large-scale farmers and tractor owners.  The survey aims to characterize the transition of smallholder farmers who have become medium- and large-scale commercial farmers in Ghana, assess agricultural machinery ownership, and patterns of demand for agricultural mechanization among farmers. The data generated from the survey will answer some of the critical questions pertaining to agricultural transformation in the country.   Eight districts were surveyed across northern areas of Ghana and over 1,800 households interviewed.  If you are interesting in using the survey data for research purposes, please contact

Full report: Medium and Large-scale farmers and agricultural mechanization in Ghana (PDF 1.8 mb) Appendix A and B

Conference Synopsis: Reflections on Mechanization Workshop - South to South Cooperation

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