GSSP Publications 2015-2016

Policy Note AFTER THE TEN PERCENT: Moving Agriculture in Ghana  Synopsis: IS THERE FISCAL SPACE FOR CAADP IN GHANA?  

Publications 2015-2016

Discussion Papers Agricultural Value Chain Development in Practice: Private Sector-led Smallholder Development  Ghana’s Macroeconomic Crisis: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Responses  Smallholders and Land Tenure in Ghana  

Dollars and sense

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GSSP’s Scholarship Program I: Datasets Available!

To strengthen capacities as well as better utilize research, GSSP initiated a program for supporting Master’s level thesis research in 2013. In addition to offering students resources and collaboration opportunities to build their research capabilities, the scholarship program aims to enhance the relevance of this body of research to improving the effectiveness of agricultural and >> Read more

Parliament Committee of Food, Agriculture and Cocoa Affairs visits IFPRI

Members of the Committee of Food, Agriculture and Cocoa Affairs visit GSSP's office in Accra, Ghana on March 25th to discuss previous and future engagements and to show continued commitment to our collaboration.  "Past collaboration has been very very positive and we would like to continue the positive relationship", said Hon. Owusu Afriyie Akoto (Dr.).