Do women in rural Ghana prefer non-farm enterprises over agriculture for economic empowerment?

From February 1 to February 8, Isabel Lambrecht, Sarah Asare and Doreen Selorm Kufualor (IFPRI, Accra) and Berber Kramer (IFPRI, Washington DC) conducted Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) in the Western and Northern Regions of Ghana. The goal of the FGDs was to learn more about preferences for economic empowerment in agriculture versus non-farm enterprises (NFEs). >> Read more

“As a wife I will help, manage, and love”

The value of qualitative research in understanding land tenure and gender in Ghana Cross posted from In this post I argue that qualitative field work aiming at understanding the local context is not a frivolous activity. For highly contested topics, such as gender and land, and in contexts where custom dominates, rigorous qualitative empirical >> Read more

GSSP Publications 2015-2016

Working Papers Big Tractors, but Small Farms: Tractor Hiring Services as a Farmer-owner’s Response to an Under-developed Agricultural Machinery Market Hybrid Maize Seed Supply in Ghana Is Ghana Making Progress in Agro-Processing?  

Agricultural Mechanization and South-South Cooperation – Workshop Synopsis

The Asian experience with agricultural mechanization has been market with major successes over the past four decades. Farm mechanization has recently emerged in Africa south of the Sahara (SSA) despite limited experiences in the past. Exchanging different regional experiences on how mechanization has evolved, especially in Asian countries, can help identify alternative approaches and design >> Read more

Ghana’s Groundnuts

Follow IFPRI's blog for the latest discussion surrounding Ghana's groundnuts - Breaking the cycle of contamination. Related Materials Strategies to Control Aflatoxin in Groundnut Value Chains (IFPRI Discussion Paper) Aflatoxins - finding solutions for improved food safety (2020 Focus Briefs) More publications from IFPRI eBrary