Recognizing the need to generate information and knowledge relating to agribusiness in Ghana and to build managerial capabilities appropriate for the sector, the Ghana Strategy Support Program has been engaged in capacity building and research.  We began our research on agro-processing by examining why tomato processing has not succeeded in the country.[1] We are now looking at competitiveness of local processing firms that have products on supermarket shelves. On the capacity development front, we teamed with the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and the Indian institutes of management at Ahmedabad and Bangalore to develop African cases and to offer a month-long program using the case method of teaching, which some of you attended.  Subsequently, we developed more cases in the region in collaboration with the China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and organized a day long dialogue focusing on the regional market, labor issues, credit and the potential for agribusiness in the region. The participants of both programs expressed interest in continuing the dialogue.

We are initiating an internet agribusiness platform to continue the dialogue. The objective is to share our research findings and also exchange information on significant developments in the sector.  We will post on this platform information and knowledge related to the following:

  1. Research related to management and performance of agribusiness sectors/enterprises;
  2. Key developments in the agribusiness sector in Ghana regarding, for example, supply of inputs, large-scale production, agro-processing and exports; and
  3. Any policy changes relating to agribusiness in Ghana and the region.

The platform allows you not only to comment on the posting and on comments by others but also to contribute your own information, knowledge and pointers relevant to the topics above. Please send what you would like posted to The design might seem that the dialogue is going only one way. After an initial period, we will evaluate the extent to which this platform meets our mutual needs and interests and make the agreed modifications Please bear with us until then.

To keep the discussion civilized, there are some ground rules:

  1. Feel free to express your opinion, but politely.
  2. While discussion on policies, particularly on how they may be impacting on your operations, is welcome, we do not want any overt or covert partisan politics.
  3. Do not include links to inappropriate material in your comments. Write to if you would like to have something posted.
  4. Access to the platform will be denied to those who do not stick to these standards.


The first post is a summary of discussions that took place at a daylong seminar organized in March 2016.