Fall Armyworm in Africa: A Guide for Integrated Pest Management

Feed the Future (USAID), the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and the CGIAR Research Program on Maize (MAIZE), have come up with a new comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM)-based technical guide to tackle the fall armyworm outbreak across the African continent in the last two years. The fall armyworm has been identified in over 30 countries since January 2016. The pest can potentially feed on 80 different crop species but prefers maize, which poses a significant threat to the food security, income and livelihoods of over 300 million African smallholder farm families that consume maize as a staple crop. This technical guide produced by international experts, is expected to help scientists, extension agents and farmers in Africa to tackle the fall armyworm endemic.

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